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Cobblestone Collage Image

Antique Cobblestones/Reclaimed Cobblestones

New England's Largest Antique And Repurposed Cobblestone Supplier

The New England Architectural Center is New England's largest supplier of antique and repurposed cobblestones. Nothing can replace the timeless beauty and character of real authentic antique cobblestones which is why we scour the northeast in search of as many antique cobblestones as possible. Our antique stones come from a variety of places including old cobblestone roads, reclaimed cobblestone driveways and even old cobblestone walls built to represent property lines. Since our reclaimed cobblestones have come from so many different places, this gives us the advantage of being able to offer you antique cobblestones in a variety of sizes and colors.

If you are in the market-place for repurposed cobblestones, the New England Architectural Center has the stones for you. Although we specialize in antique cobblestones, we also have a wide variety of repurposed granite stone to be delivered at a moment’s notice.

Whether you are in the market for antique cobblestones or repurposed cobblestones then look no further than the New England Architectural Center because we are New England's cobblestone specialists. Feel free to look through our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration on what others have done with reclaimed cobblestones.

A Piece Of Americana

Saving Historical Buildings And Structures One Piece At A Time

As an old abandoned building is torn down to make way for something newer, a piece of American History is lost forever. The New England Architectural Center recognizes this disturbing trend and has found a way to not only save some of our country's precious history but also share it with people like yourself.

We scour the New England area in search of historical buildings and landmarks that are scheduled for demolishion and remove any and all reuseable pieces. Whether it's a cobblestone wall outlining a property, a sign from the front of a historical theatre, or a hand crafted staircase made from solid oak we do our best to remove these items and sell them to individuals who wish to own these items. If you are interested in the items we have aquisitioned then you can check out our "Products" link or view countless images in our photogallery. If you have questions regarding any of the items your see then feel free to call us or contact us anytime.