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Reclaimed Blue Stone

A Piece of Americana 

As an old bluestone sidewalk is removed to make way for concrete or asphalt, a piece of American History is lost forever. The New England Architectural Center recognizes this disturbing trend and has found a way to not only save some of our country's precious history but also share it with people like yourself.

We scour the New England area in search of the rarest hand quarried stone in the world. The blue stone is from the 1800's and we at NEAC do whatever we can to reclaim the stone and give it new life.  We wish to sell this unique product to individuals who understand the beauty and character stone like this has to offer. Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our products or with any questions. 

Reclaimed Blue StoneSaving America's History One Piece at a Time

The rarest to find and the most desirable of reclaimed stone was quarried in the 1800's in upstate New York. We at NEAC scour the N. Y. Countryside finding and harvesting hand cut and hand quarried bluestone from this period. Our reclaimed vintage stone products are not only the best but the most beautiful! The chisel marks, hand feathered edges and time worn surface are impossible to replicate at any price.

We have been fortunate in locating bluestone from 2 ft wide up to 12 ft wide with lengths running 2 ft long to 10 ft long. The most common pieces being in the 4 ft to 5 ft wide ranges from 2 ft to 6 ft long. Most pieces being a few inch's thick on smaller pieces up to 8" thick on larger pieces. Our antique, reclaimed blue stone curbing offers the same beauty hand carved product and one of a kind uniqueness.

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