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*Note: Prices are based on availability of individual Brick Pavers and sizes. All Brick Pavers are sold in pallet size quantities only.
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vintage brick image 2Possible colors for antique, and vintage Brick Pavers:   red, white, gray, brown, tan, and pink.

New England Architectural Center carries a variety of vintage brick paver products. They will search New England for the right Brick Pavers for your renovation project. Antique Brick Pavers vary in size and quality due to product availability. Vintage and antique Brick Pavers come in varying colors. Some of the colors may include red, pink, rose, brown, white, gray, and tan. Always call for more information about or contact us via the web form to inquire about vintage Brick Pavers available for your special project.

Vintage Brick Pavers and Antique Brick Pavers Information:
Vintage Brick Pavers are made of ceramic material like clay, shale, soft calcium silicate, slate or shaped from quarried stone. Vintage Brick Pavers were made differently. They were fired in coal heated kilns or furnaces to higher temperatures. Vintage Brick Pavers vary in age but some are over 100 years old or more. Vintage Brick Pavers come in variety of sizes, colors and quality. Paver quality depends on plasticity of the clay used to make them. New England Architectural Center will search the New England area for best quality reclaimed brick pavers and price for your project.

Brick Pavers are a durable building product used many years ago. They are charming and quaint when used in walkways, fireplaces, or buildings. They make a durable building product for outdoor and some indoor projects. They are used for variety of projects like fireplaces, walls, homes, building, paved street, walkways and garden paths. Vintage and repurposed Brick Pavers come in some different shapes so always inquire before ordering. Below is a list of uses for vintage and repurposed Brick Pavers.

Vintage Antique Brick Pavers
These antique clay Brick Pavers are made from Shale and are over a century old. Reclaimed from a large mill in New England, these colorful pieces of history were manufactured in Ohio and other Midwestern States during the late 1800’s. The well-worn surfaces of these Brick Pavers are part of their historic charm, horse drawn carriages created much of the surface wear in the late 1800s.

    vintage brick image 1
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver driveways
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver garden walkways and paths
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver edging around a flower garden
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver fireplace mantles
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver fireplaces
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paverfoundations
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver tree surrounds
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver pool patios or surrounds
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver walls
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver terraces
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver homes
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver buildings
  • Vintage or reclaimed brick paver streets


* Note: Prices are based upon availability of individual stones and sizes. All stones are sold in pallet quantities only.
* Shipping is available.