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Regulation Cobblestones

Slightly Oversized Antique And Reclaimed Cobblestones

*Note: Prices are based on availability of individual stones and sizes. All stones are sold in pallet size quantities only.
*Shipping is available only in the US

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Average length of stone:   9 to 11 inches long
Average depth of stone:   5 inches deep
Average width of stone:   4 inches wide
Possible stone colors:  greys, browns, and tans.

New England Architectural Center Regulation Cobblestones range from 100 to 200 years old. They are one of the leading suppliers of reclaimed, antique and vintage cobblestones including regulation cobblestones. We search throughout New England to find the best quality cobblestones for your stone projects. The colors of the stones and size depend on their availability. All of the relcaimed stones are sold in pallet size quantity only and delivery is available in the United States. Please feel free to call us for information anytime or contact us about reclaimed regulation cobblestones.

Regulation Cobblestone Information:
Cobblestones are smaller than boulders and larger than pebbles. They are very durable stones. All Cobblestones are fireproof and need little maintenance making cobblestones the material of choice for many builders and landscaper. They are good choices for work inside or outside of your home or business. The reclaimed cobblestones are made of granite which is one of the sturdiest stones available. They last forever and never require repair or maintenance. Regulation Cobblestones differ from reclaimed jumbo cobblestones in terms of depth. They are not as deep or as large as the Jumbo stones.

Regulation Cobblestones are used for driveways, walkways, patios, fireplaces and facade walls. Granite cobblestones are versatile and can be re-used in landscaping. It is a good environmental choice for your home or business. It is the hardest rock second to diamonds. The reclaimed regulation cobblestones range from 9 to 11 inches long. The average 5 inches deep and 4 inches wide. The color selection may vary depending on availability gray, black, white, green, beige, yellow, pink or red are some of the colors. They are used for indoor and outdoor projects below is a list of some uses.

  • Cobblestone driveways
  • Cobblestone garden walkways and paths
  • Cobblestone edging around a flower garden
  • Cobblestone fireplace mantles
  • Cobblestone base for a mantel
  • Cobblestone foundations
  • Cobblestone tree surrounds
  • Cobblestone pool patios or surrounds
  • Cobblestone walls
  • Cobblestone terraces

* Note: Prices are based upon availability of individual stones and sizes. All stones are sold in pallet quantities only.
* Shipping is available.