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Reclaimed Slate Sidewalks

Rare Reclaimed Slate is Now Available!

Slate is thinner than blue stone its smoother and more colorful. A lot of it has traces of anthracite deposits, which is coal. It can be multicolored and shaded in many different ways. The sides look like thin layers of slate that almost look like Filo dough. It tends to be a little more slippery when wet.

Commonly used forĀ 

  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Walkways & Pathways
  • Steps
  • Fireplace mantles & hearths
  • Landings
  • Tabletops & Tables
  • Walls

We have recently acquired over 1,000 sq ft of very rare reclaimed Slate. From the mid 1800's, used as side walks we have small pieces up to 5' wide an 6' long. Great for kitchen's, patio's walkways, counter tops landing. Outside table tops and whatever else your imagination comes up with, amazing finish's only time and Mother Nature can create.

Reclaimed Slate is very RARE and is different from Reclaimed blue stone sidewalks for various reasons. Primarily reclaimed slate differs in its re-application, colors, size and smoothness. First, reclaimed slate is very consistent in size, never being over an 11/2 thick. This consistent slate size is extremely helpful in laying floors, and using as counter tops or table tops. Secondly, the smoothness of the slate surface, the wear over 150 years off use, creates a look and smoothness impossible to duplicate with new stone. Reclaimed slate sizes can run from a foot to 7' or 8' long and up to 5' wide with typical widths of 3' to 4' feet. Slate colors vary more distinctly from light shades of grey to the darker shades of grey into various shades of red.

Reclaimed slate applications can run from a simple slate side walk to patio or more of a beautiful application like an inside floor, table top or counter top. Slate edges have a layer-laminated look that is simply beautiful. Small slate pieces can even be used as cooking plates.

Blue Stone Wall Blue Stone Sidewalk
Blue Stone Sidewalk Blue Stone Sidewalk Blue Stone Sidewalk
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