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Reclaimed Blue Stone

MADE in America 

We at NEAC (New England Architectural Center) have become the largest suppliers of hand harvested and artistically created “RECLAIMED STONE” from the 1800’s. We literally harvest, and repurpose the “FOUNDATION STONE OFAMERICA” that is, or was, what formed our country. Every sidewalk, curbing, step, roadway, foundation and building in America was made from Bluestone Sandstone, cobblestone and Brick. We reclaim those materials, repurpose them with your help, and PRESERVE America’s foundation stone.

Never again will you see the artistic hand craftsmanship, beauty, functionality, and longevity of materials like these. After all, they have already been used for 100 to 300 years. Come with us at NEAC, to bring one of a kind, reclaimed materials of warmth, beauty an longevity, all crafted by hand, literally “MADE IN AMERICA “, to you. Please pay particular attention to some of our newest additions, especially reclaimed SANDSTONE. ¬†Which is one of the most beautiful products harvested in the 1800’s and Re-Harvested by us in 2017. Sandstone is the best stone ever in warm and “HOT” climates for patios and walkways. Review our site. You will be AMAZED. Contact PETER G HILL at by clicking here.

Reclaimed Sandstone

A rare and desirable stone, reclaimed sandstone has advantages like no other stone. The color and mother nature’s composition makes it the perfect stone in warmer sandy beach environments. Reclaimed sandstone resists the heat and is skid proof wet or dry.

Quarried in the 1800's reclaimed sandstone is perfect for pools, gardens, walkways, patios and staircases.

Reclaimed Blue Stone

The rarest to find and the most desirable of reclaimed stone was quarried in the 1800's in upstate New York. We at NEAC scour the N. Y. Countryside finding and harvesting hand cut and hand quarried bluestone from this period. Our reclaimed vintage stone products are not only the best but the most beautiful! The chisel marks, hand feathered edges and time worn surface are impossible to replicate at any price. We hand pick and select each individual piece of blue stone from sidewalks and walkways that were installed in the 1800’s. Reclaimed blue stone curbing offers the same beauty of hand carved finishes and one of a kind uniqueness.

We have been fortunate in locating bluestone from 2 ft wide up to 12 ft wide with lengths running 2 ft long to 10 ft long. The most common pieces being in the 4 ft to 5 ft wide ranges from 2 ft to 6 ft long. Most pieces being a few inch's thick on smaller pieces up to 8" thick on larger pieces. Our antique, reclaimed blue stone curbing offers the same beauty hand carved product and one of a kind uniqueness.

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