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Rare Blue Stone Products

NEAC has acquired some very unique forms of bluestone including but not limited to reclaimed storm drains, bluestone landings, full sets of steps, buggy steps, bluestone pieces with large holes that once housed man hole covers, and more!  The uses for these unique stones are endless!

Buggy Steps

In the 1800's the more opulent homes had an area where people could get in and out of their buggy's by stepping on a stone or on the ground. They are most commonly called buggy steps or carriage steps. Simple in deign mostly square and rectangular in sizes from most commonly 2ft-6ft. They were designed and installed for the lady of the house ease in and out of the carriage.

Commone uses

  • Seating
  • Very unique garden ornamentation
  • Pedestals
  • Unique equestrian piece of history
  • Landing or Step

Large Bluestone Block

It was most commonly used as a retaining wall. It was also used as dams and reservoirs. This stone assisted the working men in the 1800's in holding back dirt and ocean water as they transported materials on barges.

Commone uses

  • Posts for entry ways
  • Walls
  • Gate posts
  • Seating
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